EVERYTHING revolves around data.
How we use it | How we view it | How we interpret it | Where it comes from, and more.
We specialise in ensuring that your data is clean, accurate, analysed and represented in a way that is meaningful to the business.
Our services revolve around assessing apps and SQL for modernisation, and licensing, building PowerApps and Modern Workplace solutions, Data Management, and Cyber-risk mitigation.

The intricate world of data can easily become daunting. It does not exist on any linear plane, nor does it adhere to any formal structural parameters. Within the vast expanse of what data may represent (the dataverse), there lies an organic & progressive universe of opportunity.


Follow the Northern approach and explore the expansive potential that your data can unlock for your business.


Data Management

Northern Data is a specialist data management organisation that helps all our clients reach their NorthStar, or true potential.

Cloud and Cyber Risk Assessments

Gain a trusted partner to assist you on your cloud adoption journey to ensure seamless migration, modernisation and management.


Empowerment through Training

Empowerment leads to growth, retention, and loyalty .It inspires people to gain that competitive edge over their competitors.


Modern Workplace

The modern workplace is the most important part of your digital transformation journey.


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