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The intricate world of data can easily become daunting. It does not exist on any linear plane, nor does it adhere to any formal structural parameters. Within the vast universe of what data may represent, there lies an organic & progressive universe of opportunity. Follow the Northern promise and explore the expansive potential that your data can unlock for your business.

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Exploring data.
The Northern Promise.

Northern Data is committed to being your partner in exploring the multifaceted cosmos that is known as data management. We’ll be there every step of the way, pioneering your data expedition.


Data              One.

Data One allows for clear and concise reports through our provision of Business Intelligence and analytics. These new simplified reports will allow you to get easily accessible, real-time insights that enable you to achieve KPI’s successfully. Not only is it affordable and completely secure, but the interactive report is fully compliant with global industry standards.

You choose the services you want on either a managed or project basis with our end to end data management consulting services. Our service offering will be tailored according to your selection and give you freedom of choice.

These services include:

Database performance management, Data Architecture, Scaling Data, Bi Strategy Development, Data law compliance, Data integration, Powerbi Development, Cloud integration & Migration, Data Strategy development, Data Science.

Data             Management.


Remote support to fellow data professionals during any ‘creative block’. We provide clients with support, direction, and guidance for data specialists working in the field as part of our Northern Promise. You can access this ongoing support by purchasing bundles and utilize it either telephonically, by email or remote support via Skype, MS Teams or Teamviewer.

Data             Heroes.

No use in owning powerful tools if you don’t understand how to use them.

We offer both on-demand and in-person training, focussing on depth and quality while allowing you to learn at your own pace and complete your Microsoft certifications with confidence.

Microsoft             Training.

Automatically educate your employees on cybersecurity and avoid data security breaches. Cyber Risk Aware is an automated solution that minimises human error with comprehensive cybersecurity awareness, phishing and smishing mitigation and user assessment solutions.

Proven to reduce human cyber risks by up to 90% in leading global organisations, the platform helps protect your company from the inside out and diminishes the need for traditional security training.

Cyber Risk             Aware