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Without the additional costs of specified agents, services or connectors which need to be installed, we offer a product that enables native forensic analysis, which is deployable to all licensed servers, and recommended by Microsoft.

(under guidance of the SQL Server Customer Advisory Team -SQLCAT)

  • keeping business & customer information secure

  • managing security and compliance risks

  • passing compliance regulations such as GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, etc

  • safeguarding against external attacks & internal unsanctioned activities

  • enabling forensic analysis


The solution is aimed at:


  • Of changes to data assets

  • Settings at beginning of audit process (for deviations)


Auditing of:

  • DML (Data Manipulation Language)

  • DDL (Data Definition Language)

  • Specified attempted actions on server (to either file system of windows event log)


Storage of:

  • Data in logs (SQL Server instance, operating system logs)

  • Data in log files on disk

  • Ring buffers

This means we add value by ensuring: