The modern workplace is the most important part of your digital transformation journey. It's not just about enabling people to work remotely, it's about putting your people first wherever they are, and helping them to be more efficient with the aid of technology.


We first try to understand how your business and your people work, before recommending the appropriate M365 licence. We then help you to match the features under your licence to the needs of your business.

Microsoft 365 Consulting

Project management is about executing a project by coordinating the different goals, stakeholders, and tasks.

We configure the correct tools to help you with your planning, collaboration, organisation, and delivery of successful projects.

M365 Product: Microsoft Lists, Planner, Teams

Project and Task Management

There is no point in paying for great software if you don’t know how to use it properly. We help you to extract the most value from your M365 licenses by supporting everybody in the company that uses it. We can provide you with remote support or basic to advanced training.

End user Support and Training

Content management is a set of processes and technologies that supports the collection, managing, and publishing of information in any form or medium.

We guide you through the differences between the various content management systems included in M365. If you have content that is still outside of M365 we can migrate it for you.

M365 Product: Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint

Content Management

Evergreen IT refers to running services comprised of components that are always up to date. While most changes to an evergreen service like M365 have minimal technical risk or impact, it requires careful consideration and planning around how these new features are implemented.

We deal with the boring technical stuff so that you can focus on running your business. We ensure that your Microsoft 365 tenant is configured for your current business needs and updated when your needs change or when Microsoft releases new functionality.

System Administration

Information architecture (IA) defines how we store and organise information to make it more useful and easily findable. This is key to ensuring that people have quick access to the information that they require to perform their jobs.

Information governance is the way in which information is managed to limit risks and ensure compliance.

We guide you through determining the correct information architecture for your company and then applying governance automatically where possible.

M365 Product: M365 Compliance Centre, SharePoint

Information Management

Communications management refers to the flow of information within a company or between multiple companies. It is focused on planning and executing the various methods of communication that a company uses to reach its target audiences.

Are you communicating effectively inside your company? We can help fix the communications gaps by applying the appropriate technology to your communications strategies.

M365 Product: Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, Stream, Exchange

Communications Management