Data One can host, design, build and manage both existing and new reports for organisations that don’t have the capacity to manage their BI demands. The platform simplifies reporting through our dynamic business Intelligence (BI) portal that accommodates all organisational BI reporting and analytic requirements.

This means we add value by ensuring:

Our customers have the ability to provide relevant business intelligence to business units that require immediate and ongoing insights to achieve successful KPI outcomes. We ensure the value add of optimal and applicable report utilization by implementing the rapid and ongoing improvements that Data One offers.

  • Rapid and accessible insights

  • User-accessible BI

  • Minor capital outlay

  • Affordable subscription costs

  • Securely stored data

  • Convenient & secure workspace categorisation

  • Complete compliance with all global data and industry standards

  • Relevant state of the art technology (updated without hardware upgrades)

  • Fully interactive reports (Cross-highlighting and filtering)

Benefits of subscribing to Data One:

Data Science – provides further insights using data science techniques, models and algorithms that can either be incorporated into existing dashboards and reporting; or as a separate business initiative


Data Performance Management & Monitoring – Real time monitoring of your data infrastructure to ensure that your BI environment is continuously monitored, diagnosed and optimized to ensure high performance

Additional Services: