Northern Data is a specialist data management organisation helping our clients reach their "North Star", or true potential.

Our NorthernStar framework allows organisations to align their IT and business strategies by using their data more efficiently. This results in more accurate actionable insights which leads to highly efficient operations, increased commercial performance, and a more effective decision-making process.

The intricate world of data can easily become daunting. It does not exist on any linear plane, nor does it adhere to any formal structural parameters. Within the vast expanse of what data may represent (the dataverse), there lies an organic & progressive universe of opportunity.


Follow the Northern approach and explore the expansive potential that your data can unlock for your business.

You choose the services you want on either a managed or project basis with our end-to-end data management consulting services. Our service offering will be tailored according to your selection and give you freedom of choice.

These services include:​​​​

Data Science

Database performance management

PowerBI Development

BI Strategy Development

Data Law Compliance

Data Strategy development


Cloud integration and Migration

Database architecture

Database scaling

Data Integration